Turnbull: “This is not about creating or exploiting back doors”

Government seeking greater powers to access encrypted messaging.

By George Nott
June 13, 2017

Turnbull countered the criticism today, saying: "This is not about creating or exploiting back doors, as some privacy advocates continue to say, despite constant reassurance from us. It is about collaboration with and assistance from industry in the pursuit of public safety."

It seems likely that Labor will support the government in its push for access to encrypted messages.

Following Turnbull's speech, Labor leader Bill Shorten said: "Terrorists are increasingly using this network to avoid detection, conduct planning and acquire capability and tools to carry out their evil actions. We must target this threat head-on.

"As terrorists adapt their methods and seek to hide online, we must ensure our agencies have the tools, resources and technology so terrorism has no place to hide."

Late last year the UK introduced its Investigatory Powers Act, which allows the government to compel communications providers to remove "electronic protection applied...to any communications or data".

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack in May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd hinted at new legislation to bolster existing law.

"It is completely unacceptable. There should be no place for terrorists to hide," Rudd said at the time.

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