Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Change management will never be the same.

By David Geer
Sept. 13, 2016

Automation affects many things. By applying best practices in change management to transition, communications, education and operational and organizational alignment, the enterprise can maintain effective change management and security, according to Davison.

“For information technology service partnering, staff must operate under a single change process regardless of what organization they work for in order to address the risks to change management and security,” says Walker. For the cloud, the enterprise should use one ITSM change process for both the infrastructure and applications hosted by the enterprise and those hosted by the cloud computing provider, according to Walker.

As for BYOD, the business can mitigate risks to change management and security by ensuring that the devices, security policies and security protections are all part of one overall enterprise change process, Walker concludes.

The only thing consistent is change

If you find an opportunity where a little change leads to a lot of profit, take it. Otherwise, expect that as we make new discoveries and develop new technologies in greater numbers at a pace we can hardly keep up with, head spinning change will increasingly become a constant in building new business. This will come with challenges to change management and security.

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