Is there a kill switch for the latest - Petya, EternalBlue related - global ransomware attack?

Malaysia-based computer forensics investigator Krishna Rajagopal tells Computerworld Malaysia how Malaysian IT managers could cope with the latest global attack, which follows at the heels of WannaCry.

By AvantiKumar
June 29, 2017

[The three links Rajagopal lists below are third party downloads from AKATI and not connected with Computerworld Malaysia in any way. The URLs have been written out in full for security reasons.]

 "Another approach would be to prevent this file from being written or executed in the first place," said Rajagopal, and then he gave the following three download points.

  1. For those having their own SOC, you could use the following Indicators from this link:
  2. For those needing a YARA IOC, you can download this here:
  3. For those needing a batch script for the vaccine / kill switch, you can download this here:

For other recent cybersecurity alert coverage in Malaysia, see:

This article was first published 28 June 2017: the latest edition lives at Computerworld Malaysia.

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