One year on, is Australia's cybersecurity strategy on track?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched Australia’s cybersecurity strategy in April 2016, and more than one year on, there’s work to be done.

Further, the strategy's ambitious list of 33 initiatives, from appointing a Cyber Ambassador to co-designing voluntary cybersecurity "health checks" for ASX100 listed businesses, seems too many.

The ConversationIt would be better to identify a small and manageable set of high value initiatives and action them, with the ability to refine and edit as new information emerges. Initiatives identified today may become quickly irrelevant due to rapid changes in the cybersecurity landscape in the next three years or so.

Ritesh Chugh is a senior lecturer (information systems management) at CQUniversity AustraliaAsif Q Gill is a lecturer at University of Technology Sydney, and Leonie Simpson is a senior lecturer at Queensland University of Technology


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