UK cybersecurity giant sets up regional 'nerve centre' in Malaysia - interview

The Global Engineering Centre, which serves the financial and enterprise sectors, employs 350 highly skilled engineers drawn from the local workforce and also further enhances Malaysia's cyber and technical capability, said Rishe Ramasamy.

By AvantiKumar
Nov. 22, 2016


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During a recent Computerworld Malaysia 'rapidfire' interview, Rishe Ramasamy, general manager of UK headquartered defence, aerospace and security systems provider BAE Systems' Applied Intelligence entity's Malaysian Engineering Centre, revealed that the Global Engineering Centre employs 350 highly skilled engineers drawn from the local workforce, which further enhances  cyber and technical capability in Malaysia.

Ramasamy talks about the new 'nerve centre,' which has recently been added to the Global Engineering Centre, as well as local talent and general cybersecurity services issues.

in its original form, this interview feature first appeared in Computerworld Malaysia on 22 November 2016 and accompanies another interview with BAE Systems' Elaine Baker.

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Photo - Rishe Ramasamy, General Manager, Global Engineering Centre in Malaysia, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence  

To start off, why was the Nerve Centre set up in Malaysia?

Well, BAE Systems has been in Malaysia for more than 30 years, which created about 7,300 direct and indirect jobs in the country, and then our Global Engineering Centre, which employs 350 highly skilled engineers, made it a logical place to set up the Malaysian Nerve Centre here. We can then draw on the skills of our workforce, and further enhance the cyber and technical capability in country.

In Malaysia, we are recognised as a trusted global partner for industry services and solutions to protect as well as enhance our clients' critical assets in an increasingly connected world. Leveraging on our advanced cyber threat detection and world leading threat intelligence solutions, we already provide the local market with cyber focused consultancy services including Common Criteria Evaluation, FIPS 140 for Cryptography, PCI-DSS and ISMS audit as well as implementation, and advanced penetration testing. Also just to mention that BAE Systems Applied Intelligence was awarded Cyber Security Outreach Provider of the Year by CyberSecurity Malaysia last year.

This all adds to our commitment to the market.  Establishing the Nerve Centre here reinforces our capability to support Malaysia and the region as a whole. It is our intention that this new facility will also advance the overall understanding and adoption of cybersecurity and 'business defence' in the country, by educating clients, partners, employees and the broader industry, and by raising awareness.

It is only by improving awareness of the existing threats, amongst individuals and in organisations, that we can help defend against cybercrime, enable companies to comply with regulation, and reduce the evolving risk that an increasingly connected world brings.

In Malaysia, we actually have access to a large pool of young, diverse and skilled workforce, allowing us to provide around the clock development and support using 'Follow the sun' model, and are supported by a fully functional hub with all supporting functions including HR, Finance, IT, Help Desk and Site Operations.
Which sectors will benefit most from the services offered by the Centre?

The Malaysian Nerve Centre is equipped with some of the latest and most sophisticated interactive technology - from video presentations software that run in parallel with real time demos, to interactive touch screens allowing immersive drag-and-drop and other selected functions.

Our objective is to provide guests with a realistic experience simulated on a virtual environment of how cyber threats can be detected in real-time and how the use of relevant data analytics and intelligence-led solutions can protect an organisation's critical information, systems and networks.

These days all companies, and individuals, are a potential target for cyber attack. The Malaysian Nerve Centre allows our clients, industry partners and stakeholders to better understand, and visualise the threat.
Being a leader in Gartner's magic quadrant we offer singularity of focus and a very comprehensive suite of solutions to our clients ranging from banking and finance, communications, transportation and more.

Please talk more about the Centre's technology and skills resources behind the services.

Our cyber security and financial crime experts are able to demonstrate real world attacks and educate viewers on what they can do to protect themselves.

  - State-of-the-art facility that demonstrates BAE Systems' cyber security, anti-financial crime and intelligence led capabilities.
  - 4 x 55" touch screens that allows for an immersive drag-and-drop and selection of functions during demos.
  - 1 x 92" LED screen to allow for ppt/video presentations to run in parallel with real time demos on touch screens (multi-screen demos)
  - Video conferencing facility.
  - Futuristic design that sets it apart as a secure and modern demo room.
  - Ability to host sizeable client contingents (up to 15 people)

In what ways do the 'intelligence-led capabilities' in this Centre help to enhance security services?

Intelligence-led means you are acting on real-time data, and allows you to identify the unknown as well as known threats, through analysing data and identifying anomalous behaviours. We also follow the world's most threatening actors, to understand their moves and motives. Intelligence is at the core of what we do; our key services include:

  - Cyber defence: Monitoring, analytics, email & cloud-based security, investigation and incident response solutions.
  - Financial Crime Prevention: Identifying, combating and preventing financial threats, risk, loss or penalties.
  - Communications Intelligence: Next generation intelligence and cybersecurity solutions for national security and law enforcement; compliance solutions for CSPs.

With the creation of the Malaysian Nerve Centre, BAE Systems can better demonstrate its cyber security, anti-financial crime and intelligence-led capabilities. It has multiple touch screens that allows for an immersive drag-and-drop and selection of functions during demos. Furthermore, we also have a LED screen to allow for ppt/video presentations to run in parallel with real time demos on touch screens (multi-screen demos).

To drill down further, how have you developed these cyber security, anti-financial crime services to meet what the market needs?

As I mentioned, BAE Systems have been in Malaysia for 30 years, and in the last 10 years we have been working extensively with Malaysian businesses to help them defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world and comply with regulation.

Working with these businesses, and with some of the largest corporations globally, we have always built our products and services in response to market need.

As we are one of the most attacked organisations globally, and in our history of defending the world's companies and nation states, we have amassed a huge amount of threat intelligence.  We have put this to good use - to better understand the evolving threat scape and defend against the worst threat actors.

What are the future plans for the Centre?

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