Why should Singapore focus on cybersecurity education?

People – be it the public or cybersecurity specialists – are just as important as technology when it comes to dealing with cyberthreats and cyberattacks, asserts Steven Wong, associate professor and program director of SIT and president of AiSP.

By Nayela Deeba
June 7, 2017

A lot of cyber security professionals defend billions of attacks every single day, but the moment one bad attack infects an entire system, it becomes a "headline" that cybersecurity professionals didn't do their best. Therefore, it is necessary to have IT professionals who do not take cyber attacks for granted. 

Organisations should also hire cybersecurity professionals who are actively seeking to combat attacks through collaboration. For instance, such professionals should conduct cybersecurity awareness training programmes to educate employees, and also engage other industry leaders to discuss about cybersecurity. Such collaborations [are necessary as they] spread awareness about the dangers of cyberattacks.

That is why AiSP helps organisations conduct background checks on cybersecurity professionals to ensure that they are credible and fit for the role of a cybersecurity specialist.  Though our AISP Validated Information Security Professional (AVIP) Scheme and the Qualified Information Security Professional (QISP) examinations, we are able to validate the technical abilities of individuals  for the role of a cybersecurity specialist.

We also offer academic partnership programmes with the local Institutes of Higher Learning (iHLs) to better educate people on cybersecurity.  In the near future, we will  roll out some of our schemes to other parts of the world.


What key technologies should cybersecurity professionals focus on this year?
Steven Wong: One of the key technologies is definitely Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are beginning to see a rise in AI-enabled cyberattacks, which may cause an increase in network breaches, and personal data thefts.  Therefore, cybersecuirty specialists need to work harder to keep a look out.

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