A new 'starter kit' offers pipeline to Malaysia's movers and shakers

Smart City enabler Cyberview explains why it has launched a new 'hard and soft infrastructure’ platform.

By AvantiKumar
July 3, 2017

Cyberjaya as a Smart City and Living Lab

Cyberjaya as a Smart City and Living Lab


  Smart city enabler Cyberview has recently launched a new 'hard and soft infrastructure' platform in Malaysia's Cyberjaya.

In his explanation, Mahadhir Aziz, who is head of Technology Hub Development Division of Cyberview, said there was a need for a platform to connect individuals with 'movers and shakers' in the technology space.
Mahadhir said the platform - called 'Starter Kit' - will provide opportunities to individuals interested in kickstarting new smart city solutions.
The platform is centred in Cyberjaya, he said. "As we continue to drive Cyberjaya's transformation into a Global Technology Hub, the city itself is positioned as a testbed for ideas including Smart City solutions to be piloted, validated, and made ready for commercialisation."  (See - Malaysia's Cyberjaya at 'tipping point,' now eyes global tech hub goal)

Mahadhir added that talent development and engagement "is front and centre in this initiative and falls under the Cyberview Living Lab Talent programme." (See - 2017 Leadership interview: Is 'Smart Innovation' taking centre stage in Malaysia's Digital Economy?)

Feeding innovation

What will drive this initiative to generate new ideas? He said: "Supporting this proposition is an ecosystem consisting hard and soft infrastructure, talent, incentives, and community. The Starter Kit series will further enrich this ecosystem as we build linkages on a platform built especially for learning and sharing."
'Movers and shakers' will engage with potential through a series of sharing and learning sessions on topics that revolve around 'putting that foot forward and getting started,' said Mahadhir, adding that Cyberview organises the Starter Kit series.
The first recent instalment of the Starter Kit series examined the hallmarks of an entrepreneurial mindset with three startups from the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) Programme Nadhir Ashafiq of TheLorry dotcom, Jeremy Chong of PrimeKeeper, and Azlan Alam Malik of Otomate Me.
Mahadhir was also one of the panel speakers. The panel shared industry insights and personal experiences with a diverse pool of students from Multimedia University.
  TN2050 vision
Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, chairman of Cyberview was also present during the first instalment.

Speaking of the attempt to foster an entrepreneurial attitude, Dr Mohd Irwan said: "The Starter Kit platform is very much in line with Malaysia's aspirations as laid out in our Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) vision. The younger generation plays a crucial role in TN50 and we need youths who create opportunities for themselves and society." (See - Malaysia's smart city enabler Cyberview boasts IoT, fintech startups)
"However, it is not enough for the younger generation to continue looking to the Government or other parties to continuously support their aspirations," he pointed out.

"Future graduates of institutes of higher learning should aim for a change in mindset - from being job seekers to job creators through their involvement in the field of entrepreneurship," added Dr Mohd Irwan.
Cyberview will be organising more Starter Kit series in the coming months, one of which will include companies and startups that kickstarted their operations in Cyberjaya. Subsequent Starter Kit sessions will examine topics on innovation, smart cities, and efforts to grow and enhance the country's digital economy.

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