How a LoRa Smart City deal in Malaysia signals a Blue Ocean market

Cyberjaya is now the first smart city in Southeast Asia to roll out a city-wide LoRa network to connect various IoT sensors, said Cyberview and Atilze.

By AvantiKumar
May 11, 2017

Cyberjaya infographic

Image - Cyverjaya Smart City and Living Lab

A  Smart Parking solution, using LoRa-based parking sensors, will allow residents and visitors of Cyberjaya to detect available parking spaces and make the information available either through a smart phone mobile app, in-car app or using digital signage, he said.
"IoT is the next blue ocean market," he said. "The LoRa network has some unique advantages in supporting IoT applications. The Internet of Things is quickly moving from concept to solid reality."

"Our collaboration with Cyberview will allow us to stay at the cutting edge of smart city solutions that will deliver the best possible connected living experience," Lim said, adding his thanks to Cyberview "for seeding the development of a smart infrastructure roadmap that can enhance the liveability of this urban centre for years to come."

Cyberview's Faris said: "Cyberjaya is a Living Lab for technologies in our aim to elevate Cyberjaya into a smart city. In doing so, we are constantly striving to improve and maintain our innovative ecosystem by growing and nurturing IoT talents and businesses, regardless of the maturity stage of their products."

  Piloting technologies

 "By piloting technologies in Cyberjaya, these innovative solutions can be tweaked according to the needs and demands of the people and once they have reached the highest operational potential, these technologies can be deployed to different parts of the country," he said. This will then benefit all Malaysians by impacting and improving their quality of life."

Several companies are starting to adopt IoT using the Cyberjaya LoRa network. Cyberview has also recently identified the cohort shortlisted for the latest instalment of the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) programme. The startups participating in this CLLA programme will be offered free use of the Cyberjaya LoRa network to develop their smart city solutions. Atilze will assist in unlocking the potential of these startups' IoT applications and solutions using the LoRa network.
Faris said, "Established enterprises, startups, IoT hardware developers, and students are welcome to develop IoT applications on the LoRa network in Cyberjaya. In order to encourage the adoption of deploying technologies through the Cyberjaya LoRa network, Cyberview and Atilze will be organising workshops and training sessions in July this year to educate those who are interested in kick starting IoT projects through the LoRa network."
In addition, Atilze will also be launching the LoRa shield for Arduino and make available a range of Developer Kits that would make connecting to the Cyberjaya LoRa network even easier. Both Cyberview and Atilze are encouraging everyone to tap onto the LoRa network in Cyberjaya. 
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